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Pain and Inflammation Screening

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multiple images of the area(s) of concern or injury. This might include neck, periodontal and dental, shoulder abdomen, hips, pelvis, back, spine,
knees, and ankles. This appointment is 30-40 minutes.

Thermography is the only available screening tool that visualizes inflammation and pain in the body. Discovering the source of the problem can help patients and practitioners confirm physical injuries and areas of dysfunction for further investigation and better targeted treatment. The benefits of thermography screening aid in diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring therapy progress for several conditions and injuries. 

Thermla image of vascular pain
Vascular Inflammatory Pain
Thermal image of frozen shoulder
Frozen Shoulder
Thermal Image of hands
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Thermal Image of ankles
Sprained Ankle
Spa Massage
Pain and inflammation screens for 
  • Specific patterns of pain and inflammation

  • Nerve entrapment and compression

  • Neuropathy

  • Chronic inflammation

  • Nerve root irritation

  • Ligament tear

  • Disc disease and syndromes

  • Hypertension injuries 

  • Muscular trigger points

  • Referred pain

  • Myofascial disease

  • Arthritis

  • Soft tissue injury

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Sympathetic irritation

  • Post traumatic pain syndromes

Benefits of seeking out inflammation with thermography 
  • Injury prevention

  • Follow progression of healing and rehabilitation

  • May detect a source of pain, encouraging further assessment

  • Thermography can "see" your pain and inflammation (unlike other testing) by showing physiological changes and metabolic processes

  • Aid in diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring therapy progress

  • Detecting the root of the problem can lead to better treatment and intervention

  • Functional view of injuries, circulation, nerve disorders, muscle, and myofascial conditions

  • Provides a helpful visual perspective into the autonomic/sympathetic nervous system which records via somatic cutaneous reflex, the sympathetic response to pain and injury (source Meditherm)

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