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Immune Health Screening

multiple images of head, chest, abdomen, arms, hands, and legs. This is a 20-40 minute appointment 

In these uncertain times, most people have started to look inwards at their general health. Especially their immune system status. We are dependent on our immune system to protect us from general infection and disease throughout life. When our immune system is compromised by dysfunction as a result of an existing disease or underlying health problems, we become more vulnerable to disease and infection that we would otherwise be able to ward off with minimal symptoms. Our immune systems are continually evolving, and maintaining a healthy immune system is dependent on many things, but it's where we can all be proactive.

Thermal imaging can evaluate and monitor many of the markers relating to autonomic dysfunction.  Meaning the dysfunction in our involuntary responses that regulate body functions responsible for well-being. Along with checking for other burdens influencing the immune system. By helping our immune systems to function at optimum levels, we can reduce the symptoms of infections and diseases and benefit from quicker recovery times.

Thermal Image of immune dysfunction
Immune Dysfunction 
Thermal Image of stroke
Increased risk of stroke and blood clots
Thermal Image of Autoimmune disease
Autoimmune disease
Immune health check screens for
  • Dysfunctional or compromised immune system

  • Existing disease or underlying health problem

  • Chronically activated autoimmune systems

  • Autonomic dysfunction

  • Inflammatory imbalances

  • Neurological dysfunction

  • Increased risks markers

  • Vascular abnormalities

  • Lymphatic congestion

  • Chronic immune deficiency

  • Lupus, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid disease, and other abnormal concerns

"A healthy immune system is pivotal to staying well" 

Benefits of immune thermography
  • Visual perspective of overall health status

  • Effective way to monitor, improve and maintain your immune health and immune responses

  • Graded health assessment 

  • Reports are interpreted by MDs

  • Provides a noninvasive risk assessment for people who may be at higher risk

  • Supports a proactive and preventative approach to achieve better health

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